Learn to Fly
   Sailplanes are not about transportation though they may go great distances. They are not about zooming to great heights though a strong thermal can lift them a thousand feet a minute or more. They are not about speed though they can fly well over 100 miles an hour.
  Some come to us to fulfill a dream of flight. Others who already fly come to experience flight of a different kind; to cross the sky using only skill and finesse, borrowing energy from the air itself.
   Whether you are new to flight or a many-thousand-hour power pilot, RWSA can provide the flight training to get your hands on the controls of a sailplane. We have four FAA Certified Flight Instructors currently teaching students. Our Club membership structure is designed to be financially accessible. Come take a ride and a portion of the cost will be applied to your training. Family memberships are available. Come on! We know that dream is in there somewhere!
  • A Private Pilot -Glider License is the same as a powered aircraft license, it just applies to a different kind of aircraft.
  • The medical certificate of health which is required for power pilots is not required for gliders, however you must have no known medical conditions that would impare your ability to fly.
  • Under the supervision of a Flight Instructor, a student may fly a glider solo at age 14 and test for a Private License at age 16.
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