Field Operations Officer Responsibilities and Ettiquette
   In all cases the FOO's primary responsibility is to assure the safety of people on, around, and above the airport. The FOO's responsibility to assure safe operations supplants all other considerations. Where any reasonable threat to safety exists the FOO must act to eliminate or circumvent the threat, or cease operations over which he/she has control until the safety of people and equipment can be assured. Be aware that the fulfillment of this responsibility may require doing a little homework regarding the weather forecast, the current status of the RWSA fleet, the airport, and all operational policies some of which may have changed since you last served in this role. 
  The old Field Operations Officer Guide has been updated and incorporated as a section of the Operating Policies and Procedures Manual. Please be sure to read and understand this guide prior to acting as FOO.
   The purpose of etiquette is to show consideration and respect for the feelings and needs of those around you and to facilitate cooperation between individuals even when there is a conflict of opinions. It is a key aspect of professionalism.
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